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Meet the lady

Melissa Jackson

I believe...

...Self-care is not selfish

...Every woman is beautiful, strong and elegant!

...You cannot pour from an empty cup!

...Nothing is ever a coincidence.

...You can do anything you set your mind to.

...The radio can never be too loud!

...Even if you failed, at least you can say you tried.

I have been doing photography for almost ten years and I have recently found a passion in Boudoir photography.

Initially, I was drawn to photography as a way to cope with my depression. Through my journey of healing, I learned that photography not only allows me to express myself creatively but also provides a way for me to connect with others. 

I am in love with the job title of Women's empowerment photographer.

I own a boudoir studio in downtown New Kensington. My studio provides a warm, welcoming space that offers a safe feeling for women to not only feel beautiful, but also empowered.

I have completed over 50 hours of boudoir classes to ensure proper choices of lingerie, posing and editing techniques to make your experience one to remember!

I have been happily married to Chris for almost nine years and we share our home with our four amazing pets!


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The Boudoir Experience

Boudoir is more than just "sexy" pictures.

It is about women reconnecting with their beauty and learning to love themselves above all else.

I consider this experience an empowering movement for women to own their power and become the queen that has always been inside of them. I cannot wait to collaborate with you on this new, exciting endeavor!

This includes:
--Pre-Shoot Consultation
--Lingerie Guide
--Hair and Make-up
--Customized shoot
--Two to three outfits (implied nude is considered an outfit)
--Private viewing session of edited photos

**Investment: $500

products and images are not included in these fees

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890 5th Avenue
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New Kensington, PA 15068

(724) 594-4348

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